Youth / Young Adult Pastor

Are you passionate about youth <and young adults> and feel the Holy Spirit’s call to use your gifts?  If so, we are looking for you!  We are seeking a full-time individual with a passion for nurturing faith in others, leading ministry groups with volunteer teams, and serving Christ in the church.  This dynamic individual will lead programs that encourage young persons to develop their gifts, grow spiritually through Bible application and participate in a genuine church community.  Faith commitment, care for others and relational skills are the characteristics that we value for this role.


Yellow Creek is a faith-based body of believers nestled in rural, Northern Indiana.  We have a long history with Anabaptist roots and we are unapologetic about living in God’s word.  We have a deep desire for community and for sharing in the love of Jesus Christ together.  Our spirit of generosity is evident in all that we do and we would love to know more about you!  We invite you to visit our website at for additional information.

Attached below is a ministry description, a summary of the Mennonite Confession of Faith and a detailed application.  Interested persons should send completed applications and any optional resume to