Yellow Creek Daycare is a ministry of Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, and is committed to providing quality care and developmentally appropriate experiences for children in a safe, nurturing, Christian atmosphere.
The ministry exists for the benefit of the children and families of the community.
For more information contact: Addie Leaman, Director, at
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As of February 1, 2019

Daycare Rates for children 6 weeks – 5 years old

FULL-TIME RATE (Four-Five days/week):

Infants/Cruisers Meerkats & Penguins $175 per week
Toddlers Monkeys, Gorillas, Kangaroos & Koala Bears $160 per week
Preschool Otters & Wildcats $140 per week

  PART-TIME RATE (Three days/week):

Infants/Cruisers Meerkats & Penguins $52 per day
Toddlers Monkeys, Gorillas, Kangaroos & Koala Bears $48 per day
Preschool Otters & Wildcats $42 per day


An additional change that will happen as of February 1, 2019 is in regards to our Tuition Express processing. Any tuition processed by Credit Card versus ACH Bank Transfer will incur an additional 2.5% utility fee. If you would like to change your transaction to ACH Bank Transfer, please see Addie or Ashley in the office for a new Tuition Express form.

$35.00 Registration Fee / $50.00 per family with 2 or more children

Discount:  $ 10 for second child for families enrolled full time (5 days per week)

$ 10 for third child for families enrolled full time.

Tuition fees are due each week the daycare is open, regardless of your child’s attendance during the week.  This applies to all families, even if you are part-time

Tuition is due on Monday of each week
, no exceptions. You may feel free to pay for more than one week at a time if you like, as long as you are always paying ahead.
Please make checks payable to:

Yellow Creek Day Care


Tuition payments for more than one week need to be paid in advance.

Paying by check

helps you and the day care keep accurate records. Please pay by check or money order.
If you must make a cash payment, please make sure to get a receipt from the director so we have that record of your payment.  This cash payment should be the correct amount of tuition due for that week. We strongly recommend that you make your payment by check or money order to keep our records as error free as possible.

Late Fee

:     A late fee of $5.00 will be charged for tuition received after Monday at 5:30 p.m.

Free Week

:     Available to a child who is enrolled in the daycare on a year-round basis. Child must have been enrolled 6 months to be eligible for a “free week”. See director for details.

Late Pick-Up:

YCDC closes at 5:30 p.m. and all Children MUST be picked up by that time. You will be charged $1 per minute that your child is here after 5:30 p.m., and this must be paid with your next tuition payment.
The day care is open approximately 50 weeks of the year. The decision to be open or closed over the Christmas/New Year holidays and the week of July 4, will be made by the day care and the board of directors at least two months prior to these holidays.

If there is a period of time you are not working, such as a summer leave, factory shut down or maternity leave, the board has decided, to ensure your spot, you will need to pay a 2-day min. Your child will only be allowed to come 2 days a week during the shut down/leave while paying for 2-days (this is the only time a 2-day min. will be permitted). Your PT/FT time spot will be held until the shut down/leave is over. The leave policy can be used for up to ten (10) weeks only.


Other Programs Offered at YCDC


Daycare Rates for children in Kindergarten – 12 years old.

Before & After School Care
K-5th Grade *includes 2-hour delays
$ 15
Full-day School Age (K and up)
*Includes Fall, Christmas and Spring Breaks
as well as Snow Days
$ 90 $ 30
*Please note that transportation by school corporation bus is only provided to those students who live within the Wakarusa Elementary School district. If you live out of district, you must provide transportation for your child to and from school.
*There is no second or third child discount offered for the summer program.



We are very excited to be the first in the area to provide this unique service! The idea behind the “Drop-In Service” is to help the families in our community who have occasional child care needs.

  • We want to reach out to the stay-at-home moms who deserve a break once in a while, need to make a doctor or other appointment and don’t want to have a child or two in tote;
  • An unexpected event has occurred (i.e. funeral) and you need a place for the children for a day;
  • Your regular babysitter cancels on you last minute due to illness.
  • You lost your job and need to spend a day going to submit applications or attend interviews.

$35.00 Registration Fee / $50 per family with 2 or more children

AGE Half-Day (Less than 6 Hours) Full Day 6+ Hours
6 weeks to 3 yrs(not potty trained) $30   $ 50
3 yrs to 5 yrs(fully potty trained) $ 25   $ 40

Fees are flat rates, not hourly.

All payments are expected at pick-up on the day of service, no exceptions.

Registered through the state of Indiana, Yellow Creek Daycare is a safe, loving, nurturing and caring environment for

your children from the age of 6 weeks through age 12 years, including before and after school care.